Welcome to AVSK

Aadivasi Vanvasi Seva Kendra is a non-profit organization providing a community and resources for local people from low-income backgrounds to learn, teach, be creative, and see the world in new ways. Our services spread all over India. We come to notice that a little help in manner of physicall and financially groom the life of poors. There are a lot of works to be done for our society to make a strong country. We are dedicated to build a strong India in term of Good Education, Health, Job, Equality for all. Please come and support a compaign for a new India. Our mission and vision is to create a better society. Future of the society is in the hand of children. Children are the backbone of our nation. We have taken a step ahead to teach our children. Therefore, we need your help and support. We are proud to say that we are Indian. Being an India let us join hand to continue to work for needy people. No one is poor, by calling poor we are insulting our society. So our little act of giving will change the face of the Society.

Aadivasi Depvelopment Programme

We are dedicated to provide the all possible things to change the lives of Aadivasi & Vanvasi people in our area. Our members are in all arround Bihar state to find the social staandard of these people and provide the best solution for them.

Women Empowerment

Today, women involve thierselves in all fields to contribute in the success of our country. We run women developement programme to give a change to make thier career in this competitive world. Women can do everything they want. We just guide them how to improve thier skill and personality.

Skill Development

We run major skill development programme to improve the livelihood. Our technical programme helps to achieve jobs as per thier choice. Today IT has a wide scope of success in career. We provide the best assistance in IT sectors.